Dedicated to the study and conservation of Pacific Seabirds and their environment.

Organizational Records

Articles of Incorporation

Download in PDF format here: Articles of Incorporation


As required by California state law, PSG has an approved set of Bylaws. Please download version 9.1 (2016) in PDF format here: PSG Bylaws


The Pacific Seabird Group’s Handbook is a guide to their operations for Officers, Regional Representatives, Committee Coordinators, and Annual Meeting Organizers. The handbook is to help familiarize them with their responsibilities and those of their colleagues with regard to PSG operations and procedures. Also in the Handbook are the instructions for running the Annual Meeting and much, much more.

IRS Tax Exemption Letter

The Pacific Seabird Group is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization and is tax exempt. A copy of a letter from the IRS stating our tax-exemption is available here.

Policies & Procedures

The Pacific Seabird Group makes available to its members and the public its operational policies and procedures for conflict of interest, investments, and others; the year of the last update is indicated in parentheses.

Tax Returns

Non-profit Disclosure: The Pacific Seabird Group files its required information and tax returns (IRS Form 990) with the IRS each year and makes them available to the public to evaluate how it operates.  IRS Form 990 ensures that non-profits disclose any potential conflicts of interest, compensation of Board members, and other details related to financial accountability.  Please see below for PSG’s Form 990 from 2007 to present. Contact the Treasurer if you have any questions.

Connect with Us

PSG Secretary
Jane Dolliver

Marine Ornithology

Marine Ornithology is an open access journal that is published through a partnership of the African Seabird Group, Australasian Seabird Group, Dutch Seabird Group, Japanese Seabird Group, The Seabird Group (UK), and Pacific Seabird Group.
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Conservation Grants

The objective of the Conservation Fund is to advance the conservation of seabirds in developing countries primarily in or bordering the Pacific Ocean by providing funds for conservation and restoration activities, and building within-country seabird expertise. Learn More »