Travel Awards

Travel awards are presented each year to provide partial financial support to students and scientists from USA, Canada and other countries to attend and present at the annual meeting. Travel awards are competitive and applicants must adhere to PSG’s application requirements. There are three travel award categories: (1) USA & Canada Student, (2) Non-USA & Canada Student, and (3) International Scientist (non-USA & Canada). More information on how to apply for the awards can be found in the PSG Handbook and on the  Annual Meeting page. Funds to support the student travel awards are raised primarily from the annual Silent Auction and donations – please donate here!  Funds to support the international scientist travel awards are raised primarily through donations.

Congratulations to all 2019 Travel Award Recipients!

2019 U.S. & Canada Student Travel Awards
Carmen Antaky (University of Hawaii, MS student)
Kylee Butler (Huxley College, Undergraduate student)
Brooke Friswold (University of Hawaii-Manoa, MS student)
Rielle Hoeg (Acadia University, MS student)
Jennifer Howard (Wake Forest University, PhD student)
Caitlin Kroeger (University of California-Santa Cruz, PhD student)
Bret Mossman (University of Hawaii-Hilo, MS student)
Avery Nagy-MacArthur (Acadia University, MS student)
Tessa Nania (University of Puget Sound, Undergraduate student)
Vivian Pattison (University of Victoria, MS student)
Michael Schrimpf (Stony Brook University, PhD student)
Ryan Trimbath (University of Akron, MS student)
Makenzie Weber (Oregon State University, Undergraduate student)

2018 Early Career Scientist Travel Awards
Lindsay Adrean (Oregon State University)
Janelle Lopez (U.S. Forest Service)
Sam Rossman (Michigan State University)
Sarah Thomsen (Oregon State University)
Casey Youngflesh (University of Connecticut)

2018 Non-U.S. & Canada Student Travel Awards
Ruth Dunn (University of Liverpool, PhD Student)
Johannes Fischer (Victoria University of Wellington, PhD student)
Jaime Ojeda (University of Magallanes, Punta Arenas, PhD student)

2018 International Scientist Travel Awards (non-USA & Canada)
Ui Shimabukuro (National Institute of Polar Research)
Yasuko Suzuki (BirdLife International)

Past Travel Award Recipients

2018 PSG Annual Meeting, La Paz, BCS, Mexico
2017 PSG Annual Meeting, Tacoma, WA, USA
2016 PSG Annual Meeting, Oahu, HI, USA