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Travel Awards

Travel awards are presented each year to provide partial financial support to students and scientists from USA, Canada and other countries to attend and present at the annual meeting. Travel awards are competitive and applicants must adhere to PSG’s application requirements. There are three travel award categories: (1) USA & Canada Student, (2) Non-USA & Canada Student, and (3) International Scientist (non-USA & Canada). More information on how to apply for the awards can be found in the PSG Handbook and on the  Annual Meeting page. Funds to support the student travel awards are raised primarily from the annual Silent Auction and donations – please donate here!  Funds to support the international scientist travel awards are raised primarily through donations.

Congratulations to all 2017 Travel Award Recipients!

2017 USA & CANADA Student Travel Awards
Aspen Ellis (University of Michigan; undergraduate)
Michael Johns (University Alaska Fairbanks, MS Student)
Laura Koehn (University of Washington; PhD student)
Aly McKnight (University of Maine; PhD student)
Lyndsay Rankin (Northern Illinois University, PhD student)

2017 NON-USA & CANADA Student Travel Awards
Stephanie Avery-Gomm (University of Queensland; PhD student)

2017 International Scientist Travel Awards (non-USA & Canada)
Françoise Amélineau (CNRS, France)
Zofia Burr (University Centre in Svalbard)
Fernando Medrano (University of Chile, Santiago)

Past Travel Award Recipients

2016 PSG Annual Meeting, Oahu, HI

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