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The Pacific Seabird Group has three categories of awards:  Lifetime and Special Achievement Awards, Student Presentation Awards, and Travel Awards.  Awards are presented annual in conjunction with the PSG Annual Meeting, and are celebrated at the PSG Banquet and Awards Ceremony.  Information is described below and can be found in the PSG Handbook.

For questions about PSG Awards, please contact the PSG Past Chair, head of the PSG Awards Committee. Email:

Lifetime and Special Achievement Awards

In 1993, PSG instituted two awards to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to seabirds:  Lifetime Achievement Award and Special Achievement Award.

PSG Lifetime Achievement Award
A seabird researcher, educator, or conservationist who has made significant, long-term contributions to seabird science, conservation and education in the Pacific Ocean or the world.

PSG Special Achievement Award
An individual who has performed outstanding, long-term service for the Pacific Seabird Group, or who has achieved an outstanding and significant exemplary accomplishment for the betterment of seabird research, education, and/or conservation, or both.

Nominations now open for 2019 Awards!   If you would like to submit a nomination, please email the PSG Past Chair, ( and include a written description of why your nominee is deserving of PSG recognition, and provide enough information to make your case.  Include your contact information, and should your nominee be chosen, your commitment to writing up an awards essay for the 2019 annual program and the following Pacific Seabirds issue. If you have already sent in your nomination and have received confirmation that it was received, there is no need to re-submit.

  • your contact information
  • name, affiliation, and written description of why nominee is deserving of PSG recognition
  • your commitment to writing up an awards essay for the 2019 Annual Program and Pacific Seabirds

Deadline for submission:  18 August 2018, 5 PM PDT.

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Student Presentation Awards

Student presentation awards are presented each year at the Annual Meeting to students in both paper and poster presentation categories. Papers and posters are judged according to guidelines that include originality, presentation style, graphics, format and research data. The award guidelines and judging forms can be found in the PSG Handbook, and information is also available on the Student Presentations Awards page.

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Travel Awards

Travel awards are given each year to help students and scientists from USA, Canada and other countries to attend the annual meeting. There are three travel award categories; US/Canada Students; Non-US/Canada Students, and non-US/Canada Scientists. More information can be found in the PSG Handbook. Funds to support travel awards are received from the annual Silent Auction and from donations. Please support Travel Awards and donate here!

Applications for 2019 Travel Awards will open at Registration and Abstract Submission in September 2019.

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