Committees do much of PSG’s business and conservation work for which PSG is respected.  The Executive Council Committees work on tasks like communications (e.g., website, listserv, social media), conservation letters, small grants program, elections, and managing PSG Endowment. Working Committees focus on species or species groups and are created with a particular purpose.  The Executive Council approves all Committees, and Committee Coordinators are appointed or approved by the PSG Chair. The guidelines for creating a committee can be found in PSG’s Handbook.  All committees welcome and need ongoing participation. Contact the committee chairs or coordinators listed on the Committee pages for information or to volunteer. A description of PSG committees can also be found in the PSG Bylaws and Handbook. For more information or to join a committee, please contact the respective committee chair or coordinator.

Download the complete list of committees updated 25 April 2019.

Committees Associated with Executive Council

Awards Committee
Communications Committee
Conservation Committee
Corresponding Members Committee
Craig S. Harrison Conservation Small-Grant Program Committee
Election Committee
Endowment Fund Trustees Committee

Working Committees

Aleutian Tern Technical Committee (ATTC)
Kittlitz’s Murrelet Technical Committee (KMTC)
Marbled Murrelet Technical Committee (MMTC)
Northeast Asia Seabird Conservation Committee (NEASCC)
Scripp’s and Guadalupe Murrelet Technical Committee (SGMTC)
Seabird Monitoring Committee (SMC)
Tufted Puffin Technical Committee (TPTC)

Ad Hoc Committees

Code of Conduct Committee

PSG Delegates to Other Organisations

PSG Delegate to the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatroses and Petrels (ACAP)
PSG Delegate to the American Bird Conservancy (ABC)
PSG Delegate to the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES)
PSG Delegate to the Ornithological Council (OC)
PSG Delegate to the World Seabird Union (WSU)

Working Groups

North Pacific Albatross Working Group (NPAWG)