History of PSG

To read more about the PSG’s history, we invite you to read the Pacific Seabirds Bulletins, and to talk with long-time PSG members at the annual meetings.

First interim Executive Council

This photo has been shown at many banquets by PSG’s unofficial “Master of Ceremonies”, Dr. George Divoky. This historic black and white photo from August 1973 shows the PSG Interim Executive Council that preceeded the first member-elected Executive Council.

PSG Interim Executive Council 1973









PSG Original Logo

The original PSG logo was created in 1972 by Helen Strong, and the story of how the artwork came to be is emerging in the context of when it was created.  The logo represents Pacific seabirds from both northern and southern hemispheres, rhinoceros auklets and shearwaters, respectively.  Both species can be seen simultaneously during the boreal summer (austral winter) where they overlap in the Northeast Pacific.  The globe is showing the Pacific Ocean.

“To me, the original PSG logo says populations, world ocean and interconnections.  For me it is what PSG and seabird research and monitoring have meant to me through the years, deep below the data, publications and friendships”
Dr. Vivian Mendenhall
‘Pacific Seabirds’ Editor (2000 – 2013)





PSG Trivia

Data, facts, and information are from Pacific Seabirds Bulletins, Pacific Seabirds, and Annual Meeting programs.

In 1982, the 9th Annual Meeting was held at the Hawaiian Regent Hotel; room rates were $40/night. 

1n 1992, the 19th Annual Meeting was held at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.  Steller’s sea lions resting on the log booms could be heard from the Boat House, where the talks were being given. 

The Asilomar Conference Grounds in California has been a popular location for PSG’s annual meetings.  From 1975 – 2007, PSG held meetings there nine times, the most for any single venue we’ve used. 

In 2014, abstract submissions were made online for the first time!  Before that, abstracts were emailed to the Scientific Program chair who had to compile and organise everything manually. 

As of 2017, PSG annual meetings have been held in 4 countries, 10 states/provinces and 27 cities!  

Contribute to History of PSG

PSG is looking for stories, early photos and trivia to capture PSG’s history on the website.  To contribute photos, trivia, and stories, please contact Jane Dolliver, Communications Committee Coordinator: communications@pacificseabirdgroup.org.