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Volunteer for PSG

Annual Meeting

Every year, a dedicated team of PSG members volunteer behind the scenes to carefully plan and organize the annual meeting!  Volunteers help make the meeting a great success and are needed in several roles – Registration Desk, Session Chairs, Student Paper Judging, Audio-Visual, Fund Raising, Merchandise, and Program Booklet. Volunteering is a great way to meet other members and learn more about the PSG.  You can sign up to help at the annual meeting via RegOnline when you submit your abstract and/or register for the meeting, and you can also contact the local committee directly:


Executive Council Committees and Working Committees do much of PSG’s business and do the conservation work for which PSG is respected.  The Executive Council Committees work on tasks like communications (e.g., website, listserv, social media), conservation letters, small grants program, elections and managing PSG Endowment funds.  Working Committees focus on species or species groups and are created with a particular purpose.  The Executive Council approves all Committees and Committee Coordinators are appointed or approved by PSG Chair. The guidelines for creating a committee can be found in PSG’s Handbook.  All committees welcome and need ongoing participation. Contact the committee chairs or coordinators listed on the Committee page for information or to volunteer. A description of PSG committees can also be found in the PSG Bylaws and Handbook. For more information or to join a committee, please contact the respective committee chair or coordinator.

For a list of Committees and the Coordinators, see the Committee page.

Executive Council

The Executive Council (EXCO) is made up of elected Officers, Regional Representatives, and a Student Representative. The Officers include the Chair, Chair- Elect. Past-Chair, Vice-Chair for Conservation, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair positions are one-year terms each, served consecutively by the same person after being elected Chair-Elect.   There are seven Regional Representatives that serve a 2-year term and are elected by members in seven PSG regions: Alaska & Russia, Canada, Washington & Oregon, Northern California, Southern California-Hawaii-Latin America, United States (excluding Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii), Asia & Oceania, and Europe & Africa.  A Student Representative is elected to EXCO by the student membership of PSG, and serves a 2-year term.  The voting process and duties of EXCO positions are listed in the Bylaws and Handbook.

All EXCO members are requested to attend an in-person EXCO meeting, usually held one day before the Annual Meeting starts. The EXCO also holds interim conference calls to conduct business and make decisions throughout the year in a timely and efficient manner.  The Secretary is responsible for scheduling all calls and ensuring that the minutes are posted on line for members to review.

Additional members support the EXCO on Committees and are appointed by PSG Chair.  These EXCO Committees  are led by PSG members that volunteer for the positions,  and have unspecified terms.  All members are encouraged to learn more about these committees and volunteer their time to help!

2017 Elections Nominations are open now for:   Vice-Chair for Conservation, US East Coast Representative (excl. AK, WA, CA, OR), Chair-elect, Secretary, Southern California-Hawaii-Latin America, Washington-Oregon, Canada

For more information about EXCO and Committees, please contact the PSG Chair:

For more information about elections or nominations, please contact the Elections Committee Chair.


Annual Student-Mentor Social: Students and early career scientists typically have questions about career opportunities in marine ornithology and the range of options available to you regarding seabirds and seabird conservation.   Every year there are opportunities to be a mentor at the annual meeting  PSG Student Representative.  This social event is a great opportunity for students to meet and learn from PSG’s members representing academia, government, NGOs, and private consulting and discuss with them careers in teaching, research, management, and policy. The event is open to all students and mentors, and we encourage participation from all career stages and professions as mentors (e.g., early career scientists, mid or late career professionals).  Contact the PSG Student Representative for more information:


Pacific Seabirds is the official publication of the Pacific Seabird Group (PSG).  Published in the spring and fall, content includes news of interest to PSG members, reports of regional seabird research, technical articles and reviews, a forum for the expression of views, conservation news, abstracts of papers presented at the meetings, book reviews, and artwork inspired by seabirds, and other marine-related topics.

PSG is looking for an Editor of Pacific Seabirds.  Please contact the PSG Chair for more information:

Student Volunteers

Get involved in PSG!  Consider donating your time to the Annual Meeting and or assisting the student rep with other activities throughout the year.   Contact the Student Representative for more information and how volunteering can benefit student members.

Chris Tyson, PSG Student Representative:

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Marine Ornithology

Marine Ornithology is an open access journal that is published through a partnership of the African Seabird Group, Australasian Seabird Group, Dutch Seabird Group, Japanese Seabird Group, The Seabird Group (UK), and Pacific Seabird Group.
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Conservation Grants

The objective of the Conservation Fund is to advance the conservation of seabirds in developing countries primarily in or bordering the Pacific Ocean by providing funds for conservation and restoration activities, and building within-country seabird expertise. Learn More »