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Please submit your nominations for PSG Lifetime and Special Achievement Awards to the PSG Past Chair by 18 August 2017, 5 PM PDT.  Please see the PSG Awards page for more information.

Martin Raphael

Dr. Martin Raphael, as a research scientist with the U.S. Forest Service in Washington, made significant, long-term contributions to our understanding of the ecology and conservation of the marbled murrelet. Marty began working on murrelet-related issues in the early 1990s and continues his work today. He was instrumental in developing and implementing one of the first large-scale ecosystem management efforts – the Northwest Forest Plan. This effort improved management of a majority of the marbled murrelet nesting habitat south of Canada. Marty has also contributed to our knowledge of the species in its marine environment, including habitat use and development of an at-sea survey protocol, which is used to assess murrelet population status and trends throughout the range of the species south of Canada. He has produced and contributed to more than 40 publications on marbled murrelet ecology and conservation.

In recognition of his significant contributions to our knowledge about the ecology and conservation needs of the marbled murrelet, and his work to examine at-sea distribution of seabirds with respect to the Salish Sea and California Current ecosystems, the PSG honors Dr. Raphael with the 2017 Special Achievement Award.

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