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NEW! Seychelles Conservation Boot Camp on Cousin Island

Nature Seychelles  has just launched the world’s first Conservation Boot Camp on Cousin Island Special Reserve. 

A unique and exclusive immersive conservation learning program is based on the beautiful Cousin Island Special Reserve, one of the world’s great conservation success stories. The application process has just opened, taking only 7 participants at a time. The Conservation Boot Camp is a great opportunity for recent graduates and those who wish to bolster their career in conservation or others who wish to take a break from their desk job and experience conservation of a tropical island paradise. Participants will gain much coveted practical experience “learning by doing” with field staff and researchers on a world renowned and award-winning protected area.

For 50 years Cousin Island Special Reserve has been the site of amazing success stories in land and marine ecosystem restoration and management, wildlife conservation,  ecotourism, sustainable financing and more.

Follow this link for more information about the program and how to apply: Apply Conservation Boot Camp 

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