Aloha from the #PSG2019 Local Committee

It’s February 5th and PSG 2019 is only 22 days away!  Woohoo! On behalf of the #PSG2019 Local Committee here are some reminders. 

We want to extend a warm welcome to all of you joining us for #PSG2019. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes in preparation for your visit.  Here are some quick reminders based on some questions we’ve received from all of you.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if other things come up on

1. There is still time to register!
Member and non-member regular rates are in effect, or you can opt for single-day registration, even after the conference starts. Booking online helps our registration desk stay efficient. See your options here:   Registration closes online on February 21st, after which you will only be able to register at the registration desk at the conference.

Check your printed program status:
Only people who requested a printed program will receive one. Not sure if you did? Login here, click “Already Registered?” at the bottom of the screen: The program will be updated and accessible online, so you can reference it on your device as a pdf during the conference.

3. Registration Desk:
Registration desk hours are Tue: 4-6pm, Wed: 7am-5pm, Thu: 7am-5pm, Fri: 7:30am-5pm, Sat: 7:30am-5pm. Please help us avoid the Thursday morning rush by stopping by the registration desk on Tuesday or Wednesday!

4. Early arrivals to the conference hotel:
There is a secure room to store your luggage if you arrive ahead of the check-in time (after 4pm).

5. Welcome Reception + Plenary by Sabra Kauka:
This is our first all-hands event. Please arrive to Jasmine 2 on Wednesday, 27 February, a little ahead of 6pm – this is an event that you definitely don’t want to miss! We’ll be sending out some information about a very special Hawaiian wai (water) ceremony very soon.

6. Pack your reusable tote bag:
In the spirit of reducing and reusing, please bring your own tote bag (we know some of you have quite the collection from prior PSGs!) to carry around conference items as we won’t have one for the Kauai conference.

7. Pack your reusable water bottle:
No plastic cups provided!  We will be backing every effort to ensure there is no plastic at the conference, and plastic cups are definitely out!

8. All registrants will receive a reusable mug for coffee breaks:

9.  Book your party ticket online:
Help us prepare for the seabird party of the century by purchasing your party ticket ahead of time. Login here, click “Already Registered?” at the bottom of the screen:

10. Pack your seabird attire:
All new to PSG – Final night PETREL PARTY! Join us for the BOOBY BASH of the Year! You won’t want to miss this FRIGATE FIESTA! Live bluegrass music from local band the Roundhouse Ramblers, seabird themed entertainment from SoulFire Productions, photo booth, DJ until they kick us out…. AND… be ready to strut your stuff in the First Annual Seabird Fashion Show! Go BIG with bird costumes, or more subtle bird themed shirts, hats, pants, dresses welcome too – plan your outfit now and don’t forget to bring it! ALSO…Bird Calling Competition! Think you can call with the best of them? Bring it ON!! Prizes for best bird attire and best bird calls (Most Realistic, Funniest, Most Unique). This is an AUK-ccasion you won’t want to miss!

11. Yoga with Yuki:
You’ll need to stretch after all that sitting! Yuki will be providing yoga sessions on the beach on Friday, 1st March 7-8am and Saturday, 2nd Mar 4:10-5:10pm (if it rains, it will be inside). Yoga is free but you can make a donation to support students at PSG in the jar provided.

12.  Seabird Shop-a-thon:
We have some great vendors coming to PSG2019! They’ll be set up throughout the conference, but we’ll be promoting two special shopping times when all vendors will be present: during the poster session on Thursday, 28th of February, 5.30pm-8.30pm; and during the party on Saturday 2nd of March, 7pm-9pm.

13. Message Board:
Have a job, internship, class, or workshop you think PSGers would be interested in? Leave a message or flyer (with your contact info) on the message board at the registration desk.

14. Ride Share Board:
Have extra space in your vehicle for folks to tag along as your explore Kaua’i? Headed to the airport with some extra space? Leave a note with your phone number on the ride shares board.

We are looking forward to seeing you all out here on the beautiful island of Kaua’i!

-Andre Raine (Local Committee Chair)