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Welcome to the PSG newsfeed! Here you will find the latest in announcements for the annual meeting, conservation action, volunteer opportunities, awards, and many more topics related to PSG, seabirds, and conservation. To filter the postings and find news for a specific topic, just select one of the News Categories on the right!

2017 PSG Annual Meeting Announcement

The 2017 PSG Annual Meeting will be held at the Tacoma Convention and Trade Center in Tacoma, WA! Click here for announcement.

PSG Committee List

PSG Committee list updated for 2016-2017. Click here.

PSG Bylaws Revisions Vote

The ballot to vote on revisions to the PSG Bylaws will be sent 2 May 2016 – check your inbox! Voting closes on 1 June 2016.

Pacific Seabirds Vol 42 (1-2)

Pacific Seabirds Vol 42 (1-2) is now available! Download the pdf here.

PSG Becomes a Supporter of the IOCongress

PSG joins as a Supporter of the IOCongress 2018 meeting in Vancouver BC, visit the IOCongress 2018 website here.

10 Feb 2016 Meeting Minutes

Minutes posted from 10 Feb 2016 Executive Countil Meeting at Turtle Bay, Hawaii. Click here.

New Easy Format for Local Committee Proposals!

For instructions and link to survey, see PSG Policies and Procedures.

Follow PSG on Facebook!

Follow PSG on Facebook and post to the Chat Room. Click here for the organisation’s Facebook page, or click here to join the PSG Chat Room.

Follow PSG on Twitter!

@PacificSeabirds is the official page. Click here to visit us on Twitter.

44th Annual Meeting Location to be Announced Soon

Stay tuned for information on the location for the 44th Annual Meeting! Venue and location will be announced soon.

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PSG Secretary
Jane Dolliver

Marine Ornithology

Marine Ornithology is an open access journal that is published through a partnership of the African Seabird Group, Australasian Seabird Group, Dutch Seabird Group, Japanese Seabird Group, The Seabird Group (UK), and Pacific Seabird Group.
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Conservation Grants

The objective of the Conservation Fund is to advance the conservation of seabirds in developing countries primarily in or bordering the Pacific Ocean by providing funds for conservation and restoration activities, and building within-country seabird expertise. Learn More »