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The Status, Ecology, and Conservation of Marine Birds of the North Pacific

Kees Vermeer, Kenneth T. Briggs, Ken H. Morgan, and Douglas Siegel-Causey (Editors)
Published 1993 in a Special Publication, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada

  • Cover, Inside Cover, Pgs 1-8
    Includes title page, list of contributors, table of contents, and introduction.
  • Part I Div.
    Part I: Bird Distribution at Sea as Determined by Physical and Biological Processes.
  • Pgs 10-17
    Shuntov, V. P. Biological and Physical Determinants of Marine Bird Distribution in the Bering Sea.
  • Pgs 18-26
    Hunt, Jr., G. L., N. M. Harrison, and J. F. Piatt. Foraging Ecology as Related to the Distribution of Planktivorous Auklets in the Bering Sea.
  • Pgs 27-38
    Gould, P. J., and J. F. Piatt. Seabirds of the Central North Pacific.
  • Pgs 39-47
    Wahl, T. R., K. H. Morgan, and K. Vermeer. Seabird Distribution off British Columbia and Washington.
  • Pgs 48-60
    Tyler, W. B., K. T. Briggs, D. B. Lewis, and R. G. Ford. Seabird Distribution and Abundance in relation to Oceanographic Processes in the California Current System.
  • Pgs 61-67
    Duffy, D. C. Stalking the Southern Oscillation: Environmental Uncertainty, Climate Change, and North Pacific Seabirds.
  • Part II Div.
    Part II: Status, Ecology, and Conservation of Nesting and Visiting Seabirds.
  • Pgs 70-81
    McDermond, D. K., and K. H. Morgan. Status and Conservation of North Pacific Albatrosses.
  • Pgs 82-92
    Hatch, S. A. Ecology and Population Status of Northern Fulmars Fulmarus Glacialis of the North Pacific.
  • Pgs 93-100
    Everett, W. T., and R. L. Pitman. Status and Conservation of Shearwaters of the North Pacific.
  • Pgs 101-111
    Bartle, J. A., D. Hu, J. Stahl, P. Pyle, T. R. Simons, and D. Woodby. Status and Ecology of Gadfly Petrels in the Temperate North Pacific.
  • Pgs 112-121
    Boersma, P. D., and M. J. Groom. Conservation of Storm-Petrels in the North Pacific.
  • Pgs 122-130
    Siegel-Causey, D., and N. M. Litvinenko. Status, Ecology, and Conservation of Shags and Cormorants of the Temperate North Pacific.
  • Pgs 131-139
    Vermeer, K., D. B. Irons, E. Velarde, and Y. Watanuki. Status, Conservation, and Management of Nesting Larus Gulls in the North Pacific.
  • Pgs 140-153
    Hatch, S. A., G. V. Byrd, D. B. Irons, and G. L. Hunt, Jr. Status and Ecology of Kittiwakes (Rissa Tridactyla and R. Brevirostris) in the North Pacific.
  • Pgs 154-163
    Clapp, R. B., P. A. Buckley, and F. G. Buckley. Conservation of Temperate North Pacific Terns.
  • Pgs 164-175
    Ewins, P. J., H. R. Carter, and Y. V. Shibaev. The Status, Distribution, and Ecology of Inshore Fish-Feeding Alcids (Cepphus Guillemots and Brachyramphus Murrelets) in the North Pacific.
  • Pgs 176-186
    Byrd, G. V., E. C. Murphy, G. W. Kaiser, A. Y. Kondratyev, and Y. V. Shibaev. Status and Ecology of Offshore Fish-Feeding Alcids (Murres and Puffins) in the North Pacific.
  • Pgs 187-201
    Springer, A. M., A. Y. Kondratyev, H. Ogi, Y. V. Shibaev, and G. B. van Vliet. Status, Ecology, and Conservation of Synthliboramphus Murrelets and Auklets.
  • Part III Div.
    Part III: Environmental Hazards to Seabirds.
  • Pgs 204-211
    DeGange, A. R., R. H. Day, J. E. Takekawa, and V. M. Mendenhall. Losses of Seabirds in Gill Nets in the North Pacific.
  • Pgs 212-217
    Sievert, P. R., and L. Sileo. The Effects of Ingested Plastic on Growth and Survival of Albatross Chicks.
  • Pgs 218-226
    Bailey, E. P., and G. W. Kaiser. Impacts of Introduced Predators on Nesting Seabirds in the Northeast Pacific.
  • Pgs 227-231
    Litvinenko, N. M. Effects of Disturbance by People and Introduced Predators on Seabirds in the Northwest Pacific.
  • Pgs 232-240
    Ohlendorf, H. M. Marine Birds and Trace Elements in the Temperate North Pacific.
  • Pgs 241-253
    Elliott, J. E., and D. G. Noble. Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Marine Birds of the Temperate North Pacific.
  • Pgs 254-263
    Burger, A. E., and D. M. Fry. Effects of Oil Pollution on Seabirds in the Northeast Pacific.

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