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Biology of Marbled Murrelets – Inland and at Sea

S. K. Nelson and S. G. Sealy (Editors)
Published 1995 in Northwestern Naturalist, Volume 76, #1

  • Cover/Pgs 1- 3
    Nelson, S. K. and S. G. Sealy. Introduction.
  • Pgs 4-11
    Kuletz, K. J., D. K. Marks, N. L. Naslund, and M. B. Cody. Marbled Murrelet Activity Relative to Forest Characteristics in the Naked Island Area, Prince William Sound, Alaska.
  • Pgs 12-25
    Naslund, N. L., K. J. Kuletz, M B. Cody, and D. K. Marks. Tree and Habitat Characteristics and Reproductive Success at Marbled Murrelet Tree Nests in Alaska.
  • Pgs 26-28
    Manley, I. A., and J. D. Kelson. Description of Two Marbled Murrelet Tree Nests in the Walbran Valley, British Columbia.
  • Pgs 29-32
    Jordan, K. M. and S. K. Hughes. Characteristics of Three Marbled Murrelet Tree Nests, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
  • Pgs 33-39
    Dillingham, C. P., R. C. Miller, and L. O. Webb. Marbled Murrelet Distribution in the Siskiyou National Forest of Southwestern Oregon.
  • Pgs 40-42
    Kerns, S. J. and R. A. Miller. Two Marbled Murrelet Nest Sites on Private Commercial Forest Lands in Northern California.
  • Pgs 43-53
    Nelson, S. K. and R. W. Peck. Behavior of Marbled Murrelets at Nine Nest Sites in Oregon.
  • Pgs 54-62
    Singer, S. W., D. L. Suddjian, and S. A. Singer. Fledging Behavior, Flight Patterns, and Forest Characteristics at Marbled Murrelet Tree Nests in California.
  • Pgs 63-72
    Marks, D. K., K. J. Kuletz, and N. L. Naslund. Use of Boat-Based Surveys to Determine Coastal Inland Habitat Associations of Marbled Murrelets in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
  • Pgs 73-78
    Hamer, T. E., B. A. Cooper, and C. J. Ralph. Use of Radar to Study the Movements of Marbled Murrelets at Inland Sites.
  • Pgs 79-81
    Andersen, H. L., and S. R. Beissinger. Preliminary Observations on Juvenile: Adult Ratios of Marbled Murrelets in Auke Bay, Southeast Alaska.
  • Pgs 82-89
    Rodway, M. S., J. P. L. Savard, D. C. Garnier, and M. J. F. Lemon. At-Sea Activity Patterns of Marbled Murrelets Adjacent to Probable Inland Nesting Areas in the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia.
  • Pgs 90-98
    Kelson, J. D., I. A. Manley, and H. R. Carter. Decline of the Marbled Murrelet in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia: 1982-1993.
  • Pgs 99-105
    Strong, C. S. Distribution of Marbled Murrelets Along the Oregon Coast in 1992.
  • Pgs 106-111
    Burns, R. A., G. W. Kaiser, and L. M. Prestash. Use of Mist Nets to Capture Marbled Murrelets Over the Water.
  • Pgs 112-119
    Literature Cited.

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