Dedicated to the study and conservation of Pacific Seabirds and their environment.

Behaviour and Ecology of Sea Ducks

R. Ian Goudie, Margaret R. Petersen, and Gregory J. Robertson (Editors)
Published 1999 in Occasional Paper Number 100, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada

  • Cover, Inside Cover, Pgs 1-5
    Includes title page, preface, list of contributors, and table of contents.
  • Pgs 6-13
    Goudie, R. I. Behaviour of Harlequin Ducks and Three Species of Scoters Wintering in the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia.
  • Pgs 14-20
    Crowley, D. W. Productivity of Harlequin Ducks Breeding in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
  • Pgs 21-26
    Savard, J. L., A. Reed, Y. Aubry, A. Morrier, L. Lesage, and E. Reed. Time Budgets of Surf Scoter Broods.
  • Pgs 27-33
    Anderson, B. A., C. B. Johnson, B. A. Cooper, L. N. Smith, and A. A. Stickney. Habitat Associations of Nesting Spectacled Eiders on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska.
  • Pgs 34-40
    Quakenbush, L., and R. Suydam. Periodic Nonbreeding of Steller’s Eiders near Barrow, Alaska, with Speculations on Possible Causes.
  • Pgs 41-44
    Breault, A. M., and J. L. Savard. Philopatry in Harlequin Ducks Moulting in Southern British Columbia.
  • Pgs 45-51
    Robertson, G. J., F. Cooke, R. I. Goudie, and W. S. Boyd. Within-Year Fidelity of Harlequin Ducks to a Moulting and Wintering Area.
  • Pgs 52-59
    Kondratyev, A. V. Foraging Strategies and Habitat Use of Sea Ducks Breeding in Northeast Russia.
  • Pgs 60-65
    Savard, J. L., J. Bédard, and A. Nadeau. Spring and Early Summer Distribution of Scoters and Eiders in the St. Lawrence River Estuary.
  • Pgs 66-76
    Savard, J. L., and P. Dupuis. A Case for Concern: The Eastern Population of Barrow’s Goldeneye.
  • Pgs 77-86
    Appendix 1: Abstracts Only

    • Bédard, J., J. Giroux, J. Huot, A. Nadeau, and B. Fillon. The Use of Nest Site Shelters by Common Eiders in the St. Lawrence River Estuary.
    • Dickson, D. L., and J. E. Hines. Current Breeding Population of King Eiders in the Western and Central Canadian Arctic.
    • Eadie, J. M., and D. Anstey. Parasitism, Population Dynamics and Hybridization in Cavity-Nesting Sea Ducks.
    • Forsell, D. J. Distribution and Abundance of Sea Ducks wintering in the Chesapeake Bay.
    • Rosenburg, D. H., M. J. Petrula, and D. W. Crowley. Distribution, Abundance and Structure of Harlequin Duck Populations in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
    • Solovieva, D. V. Prebreeding and Early Breeding Behaviour of Steller’s and King Eiders as related to Lemming Populations.
    • Suydam, R., M. Johnson, and L. Quakenbush. Migration of King and Common Eiders past Point Barrow, Alaska – Spring and Summer/Fall, 1994.
    • Zwiefelhofer, D. C. Preliminary Results of Harlequin Duck Breeding Population Surveys on the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.
    • Zwiefelhofer, D. C., and D. J. Forsell. Population Trends of Sea Ducks Wintering in Kodiak, Alaska – a 16-Year Study.

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