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Lifetime & Special Achievement Awards

Congratulations to 2016 Lifetime Achievement and Special Achievement Awardees!

In 1993, PSG instituted two awards to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to seabirds. Click the awardee’s name for full details.

PSG Lifetime Achievement Award

A seabird researcher, educator, or conservationist who has made significant, long-term contributions to seabird science, conservation and education in the Pacific Ocean or the world.

In recognition of his significant achievements and impacts in the fields of seabird ecology, fisheries science, and marine conservation, the Pacific Seabird Group honors John Piatt for over 25 years of scientific leadership, international collaboration, and the creation of the North Pacific Pelagic Seabird Database with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

In recognition of a passionate scientist whose unstinting focus on solving unanswered questions about seabirds led to many profound discoveries, the Pacific Seabird Group honors Larry Spear posthumously with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

PSG Special Achievement Award

An individual who has performed outstanding, long-term service for the Pacific Seabird Group, or who has achieved an outstanding and significant exemplary accomplishment for the betterment of seabird research, education, and/or conservation, or both.

The Pacific Seabird Group awards Lindsay Young with a Special Achievement Award in recognition of her perseverance to protect and conserve Hawaiian seabirds and her sustained commitment to the Pacific Seabird Group.

In recognition of his pioneering contributions to the conservation of Kittlitz’s and Marbled Murrelets in Alaska and his decades of commitment to understand and protect these mysterious seabirds, PSG honors Gus Van Vliet with a Special Achievement Award.

Past Lifetime and Special Achievement Awards

Year Lifetime Achievement Award Special Achievement Award
2016 John F. Piatt, Larry B. Spear Lindsay C. Young, Gus B. Van Vliet
2015 David Ainley
2014 Anthony J. Gaston Vivian Mendenall
2013 Malcolm Coulter
2012 John Cooper
2010 Daniel W. Anderson Franklin Gress
2009 Haruo Ogi Yutaka Watanuki
2008 John P. Croxall Lora Leschner, S. Kim Nelson
2007 Michael P. Harris Edward F. Melvin
2006 G. Vernon Byrd Mark J. Rauzon
2005 Spencer G. Sealy
2004 George L. Hunt
2003 Robert E. Ricklefs
2002 Philip and Myrtle Ashmole
2001 Hiroshi Hasegawa
2000 Richard G. B. Brown Malcolm Coulter, Steven M. Speich
1999 John Warham
1998 George J. Divoky, Craig. S. Harrison
1997 William R. P. Bourne, James G. King, James C. Bartonek (PSG Founders)
1996 Charles J. Guiguet
1995 Miklos D. F. Udvardy
1994 Thomas R. Howell
1993 Karl W. Kenyon Arthur L. Sowls

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