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The Northeast Asian Seabird Conservation Committee (NEASCC)

Seabirds in Northeast Asia share many of the conservation challenges that are found elsewhere in the Pacific, and globally. To facilitate the communication of these issues across the Pacific, the Northeast Asian Seabird Conservation Committee (NEASCC), formerly the Japan Seabird Conservation Committee (JSCC) was established within the Pacific Seabird Group (PSG). The name was officially adopted in 2016 in recognition of the need to expand geographic representation of seabirds in the northwestern Pacific.

The mandate of the NEASCC is to:

monitor the status of listing petitions, research findings, and conservation issues for seabirds nesting in Northeast Asian region (including Russia, Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea), and to provide information to interested parties. The NEASCC will serve as a repository of technical advice.

At the February 2016 meeting, conservation issues for Japanese Murrelet (Birojima, Japan), Ancient Murrelet (Teuri island, Japan), Swinhoe’s Storm-Petrel (Kyashima, Japan) and Chinese Crested Tern (China and Taiwan) were discussed. Seabird colony conservation by invasive rat eradications in Korea and Japan were reported and discussed.

For further information on the NEASCC, please contact Gregg Howald or Daisuke Ochi.

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