Marbled Murrelet Technical Committee

The Marbled Murrelet Technical Committee (MMTC) was created in 1986. The roles of the committee are to:

  1. act  as  a technical  authority on the status, distribution, and life history of the Marbled Murrelet;
  2. identify, encourage, and facilitate research;
  3. address conservation problems related to the Marbled Murrelet; and
  4. act as a liaison between research and management.

The MMTC has several working groups including Inland Survey Protocol and Marine, and can form other focus groups as needed. Each working group is headed by a volunteer (MMTC member) who is appointed by the Coordinator of the MMTC. The Coordinator is appointed by the EXCO Officers from a list of PSG members in good standing who have expressed interest in the position. The Coordinator will work and communicate with all MMTC members and the EXCO. Before the EXCO meeting at PSG’s Annual Meeting, the MMTC Coordinator should provide a summary of the committee’s yearly activities.

Mandate: Monitor the status of federal and recovery actions, research findings, and conservation issues for the species, and  provide information to interested parties regarding the species. The Coordinator of the committee will provide EXCO with yearly reports of activities and the committee will continue to serve as a repository of technical advice.

Download area specific survey forms for:

Information about Tree Climbing for Marbled Murrelets:

For more information about Marbled Murrelet Technical Committee activities, contact Kim Nelson, Coordinator.