Dedicated to the study and conservation of Pacific Seabirds and their environment.

Conservation Committee

This committee takes an active role in promoting conservation of seabirds. Current activities include following issues and legislation relating to seabird conservation, oil spill litigation, by-catch of albatrosses and other seabirds in fisheries and keeping all PSG members appraised of developments. The Conservation Committee often provides support for seabird conservation measures and criticism of activities that will likely harm seabirds or the marine environment.

Many seabird colonies and populations have been lost or severely depleted owing to such factors as mortality from oil spills, introduction of mammalian predators and fishery conflicts. PSG provides expertise in re-establishing these populations. Often this takes the form of reviewing restoration plans drafted by agencies charged with follow-up for various court-ordered actions following oil spills, etc. Currently, the committee is involved with the issue Caspian Tern predation of salmon smolts from the Columbia River; the problem can be solved, in part, if former Caspian Tern breeding colonies in the region can be restored.

For more information about the activities of this committee, please contact Stan Senner, Vice Chair for Conservation.

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Marine Ornithology

Marine Ornithology is an open access journal that is published through a partnership of the African Seabird Group, Australasian Seabird Group, Dutch Seabird Group, Japanese Seabird Group, The Seabird Group (UK), and Pacific Seabird Group.
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Conservation Grants

The objective of the Conservation Fund is to advance the conservation of seabirds in developing countries primarily in or bordering the Pacific Ocean by providing funds for conservation and restoration activities, and building within-country seabird expertise. Learn More »