Marine Birds: Their Feeding Ecology and Commercial Fisheries Relationships

David N. Nettleship, Gerald A. Sanger, and Paul F. Springer (Editors)
Published 1984 in a Special Publication, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada

  • Cover and Introductory Pgs
    Includes title page, list of contributors, table of contents, and preface.
  • Part I Div.
    Part I: Feeding Ecology of Marine Waterfowl (Chairmen: P. F. Springer and J. G. King)
  • Pgs 1-5
    Koehl, P. S., T. C. Rothe, and D. V. Derksen. Winter Food Habits of Barrow’s Goldeneyes in Southeast Alaska.
  • Pgs 6-10
    Dzinbal, K. A., and R. L. Jarvis. Coastal Feeding Ecology of Harlequin Ducks in Prince William Sound, Alaska, during Summer.
  • Pgs 12-19
    Johnson, S. R. Prey Selection by Oldsquaws in a Beaufort Sea Lagoon, Alaska.
  • Pgs 20-28
    Sanger, G. A., and R. D. Jones, Jr. Winter Feeding Ecology and Trophic Relationships of Oldsquaws and White-Winged Scoters on Kachemak Bay, Alaska.
  • Pgs 30-38
    Vermeer, K., and N. Bourne. The White-Winged Scoter Diet in British Columbia Waters: Resource Partitioning with Other Scoters.
  • Pgs 40-48
    Kiera, E. F. W. Feeding Ecology of Black Brant on the North Slope of Alaska.
  • Part II Div.
    Part II: Feeding Ecology of Pelagic Marine Birds (Chairmen: Gerald A. Sanger and David G. Ainley)
  • Pgs 51-62
    Briggs, K. T., K. F. Dettman, D. B. Lewis, and W. B. Tyler. Phalarope Feeding in Relation to Autumn Upwelling off California.
  • Pgs 64-71
    Chu, E. Sooty Shearwaters off California: Diet and Energy Gain.
  • Pgs 72-77
    Hutchinson, L. V., B. M. Wenzel, K. E. Stager, and B. L. Tedford. Further Evidence for Olfactory Foraging by Sooty Shearwaters and Northern Fulmars.
  • Pgs 78-84
    Ogi, H. Feeding Ecology of the Sooty Shearwater in the Western Subarctic North Pacific Ocean.
  • Pgs 86-95
    Schneider, D., and G. L. Hunt, Jr. A Comparison of Seabird Diets and Foraging Distribution around the Pribilof Islands, Alaska.
  • Pgs 96-105
    Vermeer, K., and S. J. Westrheim. Fish Changes in Diets of Nestling Rhinoceros Auklets and Their Implications.
  • Pgs 106-115
    Hatch, S. A. Nestling Diet and Feeding Rates of Rhinoceros Auklets in Alaska.
  • Part III Div.
    Part III: Seabird-Commercial Fisheries Interactions (Chairmen: David N. Nettleship, George L. Hunt, Jr., and Alec D. MacCall)
  • Pgs 117-126
    Furness, R. W. Modelling Relationships among Fisheries, Seabirds, and Marine Mammals.
  • Pgs 128-135
    Anderson, D. W., and F. Gress. Brown Pelicans and the Anchovy Fishery off Southern California.
  • Pgs 136-148
    MacCall, A. D. Seabird-Fishery Trophic Interactions in Eastern Pacific Boundary Currents: California and Peru.
  • Pgs 150-160
    Burger, A. F., and J. Cooper. The Effects of Fisheries on Seabirds in South Africa and Namibia.
  • Pgs 162-169
    Furness, R. W. Seabird-Fisheries Relationships in the Northeast Atlantic and North Sea.
  • Pgs 170-183
    Carscadden, J. E. Capelin in the Northwest Atlantic.
  • Pgs 184-194
    Brown, R. G. B., and D. N. Nettleship. Capelin and Seabirds in the Northwest Atlantic.
  • Pgs 196-207
    Piatt, J. F., D. N. Nettleship, and W. Threlfall. Net-Mortality of Common Murres and Atlantic Puffins in Newfoundland, 1951-81.
  • Pgs 208-210
    Piatt, J. F., and D. G. Reddin. Recent Trends in the West Greenland Salmon Fishery, and Implications for Thick-Billed Murres.
  • Pgs 212-220
    Carter, H. R., and S. G. Sealy. Marbled Murrelet Mortality due to Gill-Net Fishing in Barkley Sound, British Columbia.