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Student Presentation Awards

Congratulations to all 2016 Student Presentation Awardees!

Student presentation awards are given out at each year at the Annual Meeting. Papers and posters are judged separately according to guidelines that include originality, presentation style, graphics, format and research data. The award guidelines and judging forms can be found in the PSG Handbook. To read the abstracts for student presentations click here.

Paper Presentations

Best Student Paper Award – PhD:
Trevor Joyce (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) Estimating Abundance And Trends Of Procellariiform Seabirds Using Bayesian State-Space Models And At-Sea Data

Runner Up – PhD: Travis White (Carleton University) Tagged, Tracked, And Modeled: How Technological Advances Can Improve Our Understanding Of Arctic Seabird Distribution On Multiple

Honorable Mention – PhD: Yoshinari Yonehara (The University of Tokyo) Flight Paths Of Seabirds Soaring Over The Ocean Surface Enable Measurement Of Fine-Scale Wind Speed And Direction

Best Student Paper Award – Masters and Undergraduate:
Christine Anderson (Acadia University) Herring Gulls: Population Scale Patterns Of Movement And Habitat Use

Runner Up – Masters and Undergraduate: Rachael Herman (Louisiana State University) Individual Specialists, Population Generalists, And Gentoo Penguin Foraging Ecology Across The Scotia Arc

Honorable Mention – Masters and Undergraduate: Max Czapanaskiy (USGS Western Ecological Research Center) Taking The Plunge: Comparing Diving Behavior Of  Red-Footed And Brown Boobies Breeding On Lehua Islet, Hawai’i

Poster Presentations

Best Student Poster Award – PhD:
Le-Ning Chang (National Taiwan University) Tern Banding Project In Matsu Island Tern Refuge, Taiwan

Runner Up Student Poster – PhD: Corey Clatterbuck (San Diego State University And UC-Davis) Heavy Metal And Organic Contaminant Loads In California Least Tern (Sterna Antillarum Browni) And Western Gull (Larus Occidentalis) Eggs

Best Student Poster Award – Masters:
Michael Johns (University of Alaska Fairbanks) Double-Brooding In Cassin’s Auklets (Ptychoramphus Aleuticus): A Buffer Against Environmental Variability

Runner Up Student Poster – Masters: Stephanie Loredo (Oregon State University) Temporal Variability In Threedimensional Habitat-Use Of Common Murres (Uria Aalge) Off The Oregon Coast

Best Student Poster Award – Undergraduate: Gail Gallaher. The Busy Life Of A Cassin’s Auklet: Interannual Changes In Daily Time Allocation

Runner Up Student Poster – Undergraduate: Sarah Donahue (Hawai’i Pacific University) Diet Of Red-Footed Boobies Provisioning Chicks On O’ahu

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